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April 16, 2012 / Francesca

The Days Aren’t Long Anymore….

When Jack and Ella were little, and we had little to do but look at and play with each other all day, lots of people would remind me, “The days are long, but the years are short.” There were right, but they didn’t tell me the second part of that: now the days fly by and leave me at the end of the day marveling, without exception, at all the activities and outings we managed to cram into one day.  School, dance, soccer, baseball, hockey, flute, violin, plus a new puppy, field trips, hair cuts, doctors appointments – the list is endless.  That being said, my wonderful friend Jessie encouraged me to start this blog as a way to collect, at a minimum, a snapshot of life in the Cooper family these days.  It’s primarily conceived as a treasure chest for our family’s own personal enjoyment – Jeff when he travels, grandparents both in and out of town, and a favorite aunt and uncle who want to stay as current on the bambinos as possible!  (I’m not writing for a larger audience!) So I hope that those of you who do read it will enjoy it!

We had a lovely weekend, made a bit more relaxing by the rainstorms that cancelled Jack’s soccer tournament.  I can’t say Jack was too disappointed.  He’s not loving soccer these days and most likely will choose not to continue with it beyond this season.  Ella and Maggie had a Suzuki concert on Saturday; Maggie played harmony for Mary Had a Little Lamb and Fireflies and did it beautifully!  Ella made her first appearance with the Beginning Orchestra group and played two pieces: Circus March and Dave’s Disco. Yesterday saw Jeff, Jack, Maggie, Jack, and Sandy at the Cubs-Cards game in amazing seats behind home plate.  Everyone came home pleased with the win and the day.  Maria and I had a nice day at home that included dance rehearsal for Ella, playing in the yard and working with Friday, and an impromptu dinner with the Hoermans.  

Today Montessori has a half day, so girls are eager to go to Northside or Annie’s after school for a pre-lunch treat.  Jack is jealous that he has to be in school all day, but it is mitigated by the fact that he has baseball training at Turn 2 after school, one of his favorite things to do.  Jeff is in Las Vegas for the night, but we are all grateful and happy that his travel schedule for April hasn’t been as heavy as we anticipated.  Ella has both violin and dance this evening, but Maria will be happy that my answer will be “no” when she asks me, as she usually does, “Does Maggie have anything tonight??” The two of them will likely lose themselves in Playmobile, Polly Pockets, or some imaginary game of house/school/teenagers/restaurant/babies.

Today while driving to school, as we are trying to wean Maria off of her addiction to watching videos in the car, we were listening to Kids Place Live satellite radio.  The song came on “Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes.”  Maggie’s advice, from the back seat, “Use RoseArt crayons then.” Duh.


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  1. hoerman5 / Apr 16 2012 4:54 pm

    Yah!!! So happy that you have started this blog and thrilled to be able to follow. Of course, leave it to Fran to create a perfectly worded, spelled, toned (etc) blog!!! Its beautiful and 100% true – these days are flying by all of us and just seeing your kids reminds me on a daily basis – they are changing so much. Enjoy the chaos now and I look forward to re-reading these blogs with you on a deserted beach with no more carpools 15 years from now – Fruity drinks on me!!! Love to all Coopers!

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