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April 18, 2012 / Francesca



Yesterday at Woodland School, Jack’s challenge class presented a project they have been working on all year: World Organization of Space Exploration (the acronym is pronounced “woozy.”) Parents were invited to come and watch the presentations.

The children were assigned to countries (Jack’s was Japan), and then within each group assigned to a role (Jack’s was military officer). They then embarked on a mission to Mars.

Along the way they were required to learn about Mars’s physical environment and obstacles that could befall humans, make plans and provisions for the length of their stay, and keep in contact with their home country; they created a website to record their findings. So the presentations were power point slides of their websites.

On paper, it is sort of a cool concept, but Jack never really seemed that engaged by this one, and, watching the presentations, the whole thing felt a little forced. Although to Jack’s credit, his writing and spelling abilities were excellent, and his fluency while reading in front of the group was great. Also from Japan were his buddies Ben Earle (soccer) and Kieran Flanagan (a neighborhood friend who, sadly, just moved across town), and Joseph (whom I believes Ella knows through Suzuki. Small town, USA)


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  1. Auntie Bee / Apr 18 2012 11:38 pm

    Too bad! Tina could have taught him to say some things in Japanese on Thanksgiving.

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