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May 3, 2012 / Francesca

Wedding Fun!

Well, after months of waiting, Tim Owens and Chelsi Fair were married last weekend! The wedding included lots of “firsts” for all four children – Jack did not particularly enjoy his first tux, but he looked handsome nonetheless. Ella was thrilled to wear a long dress and sparkly silver sandals. She was also thrilled to have her hair done that morning with the other bridesmaids. (Of course now she expects me to curl it – with a flatiron – as well as the stylist!) Maggie bought high heels, but wound up keeping her flat sandals on through the ceremony, and Maria had joined Ella earlier in the day for her own hairdo – which the stylist also did curly, which was a relief (a stylist once straightened Maria’s hair and Maria was quite distressed!)

The wedding day was a long one, but according to all accounts, all four children greeted the day with patience and good humor. They hung out with Jeff and the rest of the wedding party, snacked, and did a lot of waiting.

The bad weather held off until just before the ceremony, when the skies really opened up. Luckily, the ceremony was moved to a tent, and the rain didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits in the least. I thought the ceremony was beautiful, and was really touched by the vows they had written themselves (and individually). Highlights from Chelsi: “I promise to be the bright part in your bad day.” And from Tim: “Here’s to chapter one.”

In spite of not having seen me all day, Maria was quite content to walk down the aisle with Maggie and throw her feathers as instructed. She also stood almost the entire ceremony at the altar, until she got cold and one of the bridesmaids, Jara, simply scooped her up and held her until the ceremony was over. Then, Jara put Maria down, and Maria recessed out of the tent with Jeff, Jack, Ella, and Maggie. When asked later what her favorite part of the wedding was, Maria replied, “Walking down the aisle with Maggie.”

A long day made for an early night, as Maria fell asleep in my arms around 8 o’clock, actually WHILE DANCING. We let her sleep in a booth for a while so that Ella and Maggie could enjoy dancing to, among others, We Are Family, YMCA, and Celebration. Of course Jack was ready to go at any time, and only needed to be torn away from the book he was reading.

Any discussion of the wedding would be remiss if it didn’t include mention of Lisa and Dan Scanlan, and Fred Licon. Dan and Fred are relatively new colleagues of Jeff, as they are all working on the online gaming project, Ocho. Both Fred and Dan have stayed at our house before, and are wonderful guests. All four kiddos really look forward to their visits. And meeting Dan’s wife Lisa was something they all had been looking forward to. And, not surprisingly, Lisa did not disappoint. She is sweet and funny and kind, and she has curly hair (!), so she helped with Maggie’s hair both for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. We all enjoyed the visit with the Scanlans and Fred, and we are looking forward to meeting the Scanlan children, as well as Fred’s fiancé Kelly and his nieces.












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