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May 4, 2012 / Francesca

Camp DuBois


So Maggie and I are camping this week! Jack and I first came to Camp DuBois in the fall of 2007, and we both fell in love with it. It is a camp run by the United Methodist Church, and it is located just outside of Nashville, Illinois. It is a beautiful spot with a cluster of buildings and campsites around a lake. Montessori has been coming here for a L O N G time. On the agenda, as always: classroom and in-the-field botany lessons, nature walks, a hayride and cook out, pontoon boat rides, a creek walk, and not-so-tasty cafeteria food. (For some reason Jack and Ella love the food here. Overcooked and over salted.)

Montessori makes a trip to DuBois every fall and spring, and I think with the exception of the spring right after Maria was born, I have been to every camp. First with Jack; then Jack and Ella; then Jack, Ella, AND Maggie; then just the two girls this past fall; and now just Maggie since Ella and her class went to Seacamp this spring instead of Camp DuBois.

Maria is already looking forward to coming. When I put her to bed on Tuesday night, she cried and said, rather pathetically, “I know I am only four, but I REALLY want to see what Camp DuBois looks like.” She was not appeased by my telling her that she had actually already been to camp: in the fall of 2008 she accompanied me while I chaperoned Jack and Ella. Two more years and she will get to see it again, this time as a lower el student. (Gasp!)




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  1. hoerman5 / May 4 2012 3:53 pm

    Great pictures!!! Have a great time, Maggie and come back with lots of cool camp stories! Can’t believe its now Maggie at Camp DuBois – she really is too old. I think your kids like the food there like other kids “discover” they like fruits and veggies – its just sooo different than their yummy homecooked meals. Be sure to get some recipes while there. More pictures when you can!!!

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